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Buku Wedding Planner Checklist (TERMASUK KOTAK)

  • Tiada lagi kelam kabut cari barang kahwin last minit
  • Tiada lagi kelam kabut bila tiba-tiba muncul masalah yang tak terfikir.
  • Tiada lagi pening nak pilih vendor yang mana untuk majlis.

Ini adalah buku wedding planner paling lengkap. InsyaAllah lepas ni majlis perkahwinan anda tersusun rapi, ada masalah terus boleh refer buku planner.

Kerana kami juga senaraikan apa task yang disarankan anda buat, contoh lagi 12 bulan buat apa, lagi 5-6 bulan buat apa, lagi 2 bulan buat apa.





Saiz Buku : A5 (separuh A4)

Jumlah Mukasurat : 170 m/s

Material Cover : Hardcover

Binding : Wire-O

Box : Include




  • Info Majlis Perkahwinan
  • Kalendar 2022, 2023, 2024
  • Majlis Perkahwinan Idaman
  • Countdown Majlis Kahwin
  • Kalendar Bulanan (Undated)
  • Prosedur Perkahwinan
  • Checklist Majlis Kahwin
  • Bajet Perkahwinan Pihak Perempuan
  • Bajet Perkahwinan Pihak Lelaki
  • Bajet Perbelanjaan Selepas Kahwin
  • Lokasi Majlis Nikah
  • Saiz Baju Pengantin
  • Baju Pengantin (Majlis Nikah)


Majlis Pihak Perempuan

  • Vendor Baju Pengantin
  • Vendor Lokasi Majlis
  • Vendor Kanopi & Khemah
  • Vendor Katering
  • Vendor Pelamin
  • Vendor Doorgift
  • Vendor Kad Jemputan
  • Vendor Photo & Video
  • Vendor Jurusolek
  • Vendor Pelukis Inai
  • Vendor-Vendor Lain
  • Pakaian Majlis (Keluarga & Pengapit)


Majlis Pihak Lelaki

  • Vendor Baju Pengantin
  • Vendor Lokasi Majlis
  • Vendor Kanopi & Khemah
  • Vendor Katering
  • Vendor Pelamin
  • Vendor Doorgift
  • Vendor Kad Jemputan
  • Vendor Photo & Video
  • Vendor Jurusolek
  • Vendor Pelukis Inai
  • Vendor-Vendor Lain
  • Pakaian Majlis (Keluarga & Pengapit)


  • Kit Kecemasan Hari Majlis
  • Soalan Lazim Temuduga Kahwin
  • Tugasan di Hari Perkahwinan
  • Lagu Majlis Perkahwinan
  • Honeymoon - bajet, checklist, itinerary, packing list
  • Appointment Log
  • Contact List
  • Extra Notes

How The Online Rental Work?

Imagine the convenience of selecting your dream Wedding Dress from the comfort of your own home. No more tedious trips to bridal boutiques or compromising on your vision. With online rentals, you can browse through an exquisite array of gowns, meticulously crafted to celebrate the beauty of every body shape and size.

Curious to know how it all works?

How_online_rental_work How_online_rental_work How_online_rental_work
How_online_rental_work How_online_rental_work How_online_rental_work


pp signature sizing guide-measurement-size guide

How to Take Body Measurements for Perfect Fit

All you need is a tape measure!  While it's easiest to have someone else take your measurements, it can be done by yourself. Just stand in front of a mirror so that you can see that you have the tape in the right position.

Ideally, you should be measured wearing only your undergarments.  However, a close-fitting clothing will be fine.  DO NOT measure yourself wearing jeans, sweats, or other bulky clothing. It DOES make a difference.

Because it can be a bit difficult to know exactly how tight to pull the tape around the body. The tape should be a bit snug, but not tight - it should not "dig in" or make an indentation in the body. It should not be loose, either! Just wrap the tape around the area of the body being measured and hold it in place. You should be able to put a finger behind the tape, but no more than that. 

Measuring the body

How to Measure for Accurate Body Measurements

A: Shoulder - Your back should be straight, but your shoulder need to hang naturally in a relaxed position. Place the tape measure from the tip of one shoulder the other, touching the bottom of the collar.

B: Bust - Slide the tape so that it surrounds your chest and just under your armpits. ​Rest it securely around the widest part of your chest, which is often above or at the nipple line.

C: WaistHold the end of the tape measure at your navel and circle it around your waist. 

The measuring tape should be parallel to the floor and fit snugly around your torso without digging into your skin. ​Insert a finger width.

D: Hip - To measure your hips, remove your outer garments, put your feet together, and wrap a soft measuring tape straight and snug around the widest part of your hips.

​Your hip measurement is the point at which the end of the tape meets the remaining length. Insert a finger width.

E: ThighMeasure the circumference of the fullest part of your thigh. Put your feet one step to your left/ right (don't put together your legs). Wrap the tape measure around your thigh. Insert a finger width.

F: ArmholeThe measuring tape needs to be wrapped around your armpit starting from the top of your shoulder. Insert a finger width.

G: Sleeve LengthThe measuring tape must be held at the shoulder seam and laid down along to your wrist where you want your hand cuff to finish.

H: LengthPlace the beginning of the measuring tape on the shoulder seam straight down to the floor.

See? It's not hard, and you don't need a lot of measurements to get started ;)  

What's the Next Step?


Pick your size XS-5XL collection. Refer to Size Chart of your favorite piece. 


Choose your dream design for your big day! From ballgown to traditional piece. Not to worry we also provide for petite & plus size design.


Custom alteration according to your own body measurement simply fill in the Form Here (Bride | Groom) and submit to us. Alteration can be done 1-2inches minus from the size.

If you have any questions on what size to order, make sure you email us, and our representatives will get back to you. Our email is and phone number +6011-1856 3787.

Keeping Your Dress Safe BEFORE Your Event Day

Once you decide to rent the dress, it will be reserved minimum 7 days before your big day (buffer of delivery time) and shipped to your home address. These are exercise cautions about how to handle your piece of dress at every stage Before, On and After.


Caring For Your Wedding Gown ON Your Wedding Day

You will finally get to wear your desire dress on your big day. Isn’t it exciting? However, remember that this is also the day when your dress will be subjected to most wear and tear. If you are a little careful, you can make sure that the damage to your dress is minimum. Here is what you should take care of on your big day.


AFTER The Event

The big day has come and end with lasting memories. Yet, your job isn’t complete! It is time to get your dress prepped to return. Here is what to do.

Real Brides

Join the ranks of these unforgettable brides and create everlasting memories on your special day.

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