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Custom-madeWedding Dress

Limitless Possibilities &
Creative Freedom

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Made to Order

Whether you come in with a picture from Pinterest, favorite garment from home that you would like to replicate, or simply a vision, we specialize in creating your dream garment from scratch.

We create exquisite Malay Traditional Wedding Dresses (Baju Pengantin), Bridal Gowns and Traditional Malay Clothing To Wear On Hari Raya such as Baju Kurung Kedah, Baju Kurung Pesak, Baju Kurung Pahang, Modern Baju Kurung, Baju Kebaya for women and Baju Melayu Cekak Musang, Baju Melayu Teluk Belanga and Modern Baju Melayu for men.

We ask for a minimum of 4-6 months from the date the order is placed to complete the garment include of shipping time.



Steps that need to be taken before your Consultation:

• If you have any inspiration pictures, images, etc. Please share them with us.

• Let us know the ideas or modifications that you want from the inspiration.

• Let us know the Elements of the Dress, Delivery Date & Estimation Budget

• Let us know your preferred date for consultation appointment with one of our designers.

PP Signature Custom-Made Dress - Pre Consultation


One-on-One ONLINE CONSULTATION with our designer:

• Discussion on the Elements of your dress (Fabric, Lace, Beadwork etc.)

• Determine the sizing method used for the Dress Design

• Discussion on the Delivery time & Estimated Budget.

• Answering all of your questions and outlining the entire process.

• Determining Final Quotation

PP Signature Custom-Made Dress - Consultation Phase

Design Phase


Where we go to work for you (3-5 Business Days):

• Our teams start Sketching up the desired design of the dress.

• Sourcing all the different elements of your designed dress (Fabric, Lace, Beadwork, etc.)

• Samples of fabric color swatches are provided for you to choose from.

• A Timeline Proposal is made with a guaranteed delivery date.

• Final Quotation price of your dress.

Final Design Approval


• Upon Approval of the design, Booking of payment to secure your slot for local client. For international client, Full Payment is Required.

• Upon signed agreement & received payment our team will start production.

PP Signature Custom-Made Dress - Final Design Phase



3-4 Months Depending on how detailed the dress is:

• During production, our team will update you with pictures or videos of the dress.

• Fabric & Design Elements updates are provided

• Limited modifications are still allowed up to this point.

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Final Proof Confirmation


• High-Quality images and videos will be sent to you when the final piece is ready for approval.

• Any final modification requests can be made here.

• Once the client is 100% satisfied with the dress, we will proceed with the final fitting (for the local client) & balance payment to paid.

• Once the client is 100% satisfied with the dress, we will proceed with the shipping (for the international client). For international client Full Payment is required.

PP Signature Custom-Made Dress - Final Proof Confirmation



Fast Shipping to anywhere in the world:

• The dress is delivered to your door.

• Local brides can final fitting at the boutique and pick it up after making the final payment.

PP Signature Custom-Made Dress - Delivery

We can't wait to bring your unique vision to life

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