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Pakej Custom Baju Nikah & Baju Sanding

At PP Signature, we believe your wedding attire should be as extraordinary as your love story. That's why we offer a bespoke baju nikah and baju sanding experience, meticulously crafted to transform your vision into reality.

Your Dream Baju Nikah

Your Baju Nikah is more than just a dress—it's a symbol of your love and the beginning of your new journey. Our custom-made Baju Nikah combines traditional elements with contemporary designs, offering

Design & Delivered!

These are the examples..

Your Dream Baju Sanding

Celebrate your wedding reception in style with our stunning Baju Sanding. Designed to make you stand out, our Baju Sanding offers

What is a Custom Rental Wedding Dress?

A custom rental wedding dress is a wedding dress that is made to your exact measurements but is rented instead of bought. This is a great option for brides who want the look and feel of a custom-made dress without the high price tag.

When you rent a custom wedding dress, we start by listening to your vision and then working with you to create a dress that is both beautiful and personal. You will choose the fabric, style, and embellishments, and our designer will create a dress that is perfectly tailored to your body.

The cost of renting a custom wedding dress will vary depending on the design, the materials used, and the level of customization. However, it is generally much more affordable than buying a custom-made dress.

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Why Choose a Custom Rental Wedding Dress?

Benefits of Renting a Custom Wedding Dress


It is more affordable than buying a custom-made dress


You can still get the look and feel of a custom-made dress


You can try on different styles and fabrics before you commit to one.


You can return the dress after your wedding, so you don't have to worry about storing it

Custom Rental Wedding Dresses

Design Your Dream Wedding Dress with Our Custom Rental Wedding Dresses

Ready to Say "I Do" to Your Dream Dress?

Take the first step towards your perfect wedding day. Explore our unique collection of custom rental bridal dresses and find the one that resonates with your heart. Your dream dress is just a click away.

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